What Is The Use Of Terrazzo Tiles And How Can You Use?

Terrazzo is a flooring tile, which is made by exposing marble chips and some glittering materials like marble, quartz, granite, shell, or other materials suitable to insert. It is placed in the ceramic material, epoxy resin and cemented slabs that the expert use to decorate the floors of any residential or commercial building. Its main attraction is its decorative surface design and long-lasting feature. Besides, you can finish the surface fast by using these tiles. When you try to remodel or renovate a floor, you can do it fast. The look of the floor will change it fast. Terrazzo Tiles comes to the choice of the people having a classy choice.

The history of terrazzo

The arrival of terrazzo was noticed more than 500 years ago in Italy where people liked tiles most. The Venetian flooring and walling workers used to accumulate the scrap stones, marbles, etc. to use them in the next mortar project. They used to keep them in a clay mortar base for their residence and terraces.

Terrazzo is also related to seminato, which means seed. When the mason and flooring experts used to toss large marble chips into the wet cement. Then, they used to polish after getting solidified. The stone chips in the cement would form a generic design of terrazzo. The stone would bond a solidified form in the bed of cement and would create this design. The floor surface was to polish then.

The credit for inventing terrazzo is given to Venetians. The archaeologists have also found evidence of terrazzo flooring in turkey, dating back to 10,000 years. Most of the terrazzo tiles are epoxy-based ceramic tiles. Epoxy is a resin. After mixing hardener, you can create a solid stone-like structure in which you can insert various types of marbles, stones, granite and many more to create the design. Polishing gives the exact form of terrazzo.

According to some experts, epoxy terrazzo is the thinnest but toughest form of technology available in the market. On the other hand, these tiles are the toughest ones that make your floor durable in a cost-effective way.

Types of terrazzo tiles systems

These tiles are available in the market in different forms. They are as follows:

  • Epoxy Terrazzo
  • Sand cushion terrazzo
  • Polyacrylate terrazzo
  • Monolithic terrazzo
  • Rustic terrazzo
  • Bonded terrazzo

Epoxy Terrazzo Flooring

Thin epoxy terrazzo includes the epoxy resin and Polyacrylate as the base matrix. Polyacrylate is formed from the modified cement with higher compressive strength. These tiles have higher impact-resisting power compared to average cement. Polyacrylate is known to the mason as the vapour transmissible tiles form.

These tiles are installed on the floor in the same process that the floor specialist uses to install monolithic terrazzo. However, the thickness of the tiles comes with 3/8 inches thickness on the floor.

An Epoxy Resin Matrix is designed with two-component- one is the synthetic resin, and the other is the hardener. This resin flooring gets attached to the cement floors tightly. However, you may have the requirement to use a moisture mitigation system between the cement and the epoxy. A crack suppression membrane may also be used under the epoxy tiles. Over 90 per cent of terrazzo tiles installed in the UK is epoxy based.

With the base material of epoxy resin, exotic aggregates are used in it. Among exotic aggregates, the mirror, gleaning stones, mother of pearl and synthetic aggregates are used in it. This tiles type measures ¼ to 3/8 inches thickness. As the matrix of these tiles is epoxy resin; they become lightweight, have higher strength and unquestionable longevity.

You can install it fast with the uncompromised finish, and less susceptible cracks even after dropping heavy metals on the floor. However, the material is not moisture-permeable. Therefore, a moisture mitigating layer must be applied while instilling these tiles.

These tiles are not suitable for exterior application. These tiles are exclusive for interior floor coverings.

Cementations terrazzo

Cementations terrazzo is one of the best types of terrazzo that has almost endless colour selections. This tile includes monolithic terrazzo. ½ inch of terrazzo is placed on the top of new or old cemented floors.

Sand Cushion Terrazzo

These tiles are prepared with wire reinforced materials of the 2.5 inches to 3 inches mud bed.  You can add colours to it as per your choice. With the use of 1/8 inch of sand dusting material, you can create floating floors. It is a great plus for it.

Rustic Terrazzo

These tiles are also known as Washed Terrazzo. These tiles are mostly used in decorating the exterior part of the house. It is slip-resistant, moss resistant with a textured finish. Rustic terrazzo tiles can be installed in a bonded mud bed or a monolithic application. 

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